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The Glass Art of Kate MacLeod

Kate MacLeod

Kate MacLeod

Welcome to the web site of Kate MacLeod, LLC. Kate MacLeod is a glass artist who focuses on one-of-a-kind commissioned pieces for specific environments using a multitude of glass forming techniques. Exemplars of completed glass art commissions can be viewed under the Commissions tab. Kate designs and produces her commissioned and original art in her studio at Bend, Oregon. When called upon to create a site-specific commission, she often travels to capture the feeling and essence of the intended environment and designs her glass art to fit the precise location where the purchaser will display the finished piece.

From time to time, Kate designs and produces a limited line of production art.  As the nature of glass predicts, although these pieces are all made from the same pattern and the same raw materials, no two finished pieces are exactly the same.  These production art pieces, as well as her occasional production of original or “one-of-a-kind” pieces are shown on the pages which follow; and can be purchased through any of the galleries listed on the Galleries page.

Kate also teaches various advanced techniques for glass fusing, including the use of dichroic glass and the new CBS Dichroic Extract which can be “painted” onto art glass during the creative process.  Kate’s current teaching schedule is on the Teaching page.