Kate MacLeod, Glass Artist

                                                                  Infinity Circles

Kate MacLeod

Kate MacLeod at the Installation of her 22 foot Chinese Dragon at a Philadelphia Residence in 2011.


As glass artist Kate MacLeod explains, “My life portrays itself in glass: transparent and fluid, sophisticated, ans sometimes whimsical.  The medium beckons my participation, reaching beyond traditional applications and transformed by my imagination.” Early in Kate’s pursuit of glass artistry, she took a course in glass enameling which culminated in a glass breast plate which later found its way into the musical performances of Lady BoDiddley. Enjoying the unique combination of a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from the University of California at Davis, and a MBA in finance, Kate sees special relationships in terms of abstract mathematics. When Kate’s heightened sense of color is added, you have the a combination which results in extraordinary ground-breaking concepts. Kate  has surpassed the ordinary, providing unique and inventive solutions to esthetic needs across the spectrum of glass art stretching through architectural applications, and 2 and 3 dimensional art forms.

Kate’s glass art studio is in Bend, Oregon. She accepts a limited number of engagements teaching advanced fusing techniques and accepts advanced students for private lessons at her studio in Bend.






Kate MacLeod with fused glass billiard table lamp

Kate MacLeod at photo shoot for fused billiard lamp.