Commissioned Art

Exemplars of Kate MacLeod’s original commissioned art designed and built for a particular customer.

Interested persons are invited to discuss commissioned art directly with Kate (use our contact page) or to commission work by Kate MacLeod through any of the galleries listed on the gallery page.

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Monstera Leaf Sidelight-Front view

Monstera Leaf Sidelight-Front View



Monstera Leaf Sidelight (2013). This sidelight was designed and built by Kate for a home on the Hawaiian Island of Lanai using as its theme the local monstera plant’s leaves. It is placed alongside the front door to provide light and a measure of privacy. The piece is 13 inches wide and 79 inches high. It was kiln formed in two parts that were subsequently laminated together with a polyvinyl core to provide strength. Overall the piece is about ½ inch thick.


Monstera Leaf Sidelight - back

Monstera Leaf Sidelight – Back

Monstera Leaf Sidelight - Close up

Monstera Leaf Sidelight – Detail View







Bas relief glass panel with lily motif

Bas Relief Glass Panel with Lily Motif



Bas Relief (2012). This glass bas-relief was designed to pass light while providing a physical divider between the toilet area and the sink area of a powder room off the entry hall of a home in Salem, OR. The piece is 18 x 24 x 1.5 inches. It features a motif of lilies and ranunculus which pick up their theme from other aspects of the entry decor.


Cast Glass Cast Glass Lilies

Cast Glass Bas Relief Lillies — Detail







a 22 foot glass dragon commissioned by a collector and built and installed by Kate MacLeod in 2010

22 Ft. Glass Dragon. 1st place winner 2011 CBS “Dichroic By Design” Competition


22 Foot Chinese Dragon “Eleanor” (2011).  Eleanor is a 22 foot Chinese style dragon. It was designed and constructed under commission for a private residence in Philadelphia. The work was named by her owner. The dragon goes up a wall )Head downward) and parallels a stairway on the opposite wall. She sits under a skylight with additional illumination from concealed spot lights.  The hundreds of pieces that make up the dragon were individually hand colored by Kate with glass powder.

First Place Winner. This work was awarded First Place by the jury in the 2011 International “Dichroic by Design” competition conduced by CBS.



detail of eleanor, the 22 foot dragon

Details of Body Loop in 22 foot Dragon




4 by 14 foot stained glass mural of the Cascades in Tiffany style

Cascade Radiance – a 4 x 14 foot stained glass mural in the Tiffany style.


Cascade Radiance (2009). Cascade Radiance is a 54 sq. ft. back-lit stained glass mural over the entrance to the historic Sather Building in downtown Bend, OR. Kate designed and constructed Cascade Radiance in the traditional Tiffany style, exclusively from reproduction Tiffany glass made by Uroboros in Portland, OR. As a historic building the architecture is best served by a period piece, and no period in the history of stained glass surpasses the early 20th Century and the works of Louis Comfort Tiffany. The 14 foot long installation is in six panels depicting the beautiful Northwest landscape, inspired by the beauty of the Cascades, Oregon’s wildflowers, forests and water, not to be overshadowed by the fascinating palette of sky. A total of 2,363 hand cut, foiled and soldered pieces work together to create a fascinating effect. The piece was made in 2009 by Kate under commission from the building’s owners.

Cascade Radiance, Panel A

Cascade Radiance, Panel A (far left)

Cascade Radiance, Panel A (far left).Cascade Radiance, Panel BCascade Radiance, Panel B (2nd from left).Cascace Radiance, Panel CCascade Radiance, Panel C (center left).Cascade Radiance, Panel DCascade Radiance, Panel D, (center right)&Cascade Radiance, Panel ECascade Radiance, Panel E (2nd from right)Cascade Radiance, Panel FCascade Radiance, Panel F (far right)&Cascade RadianceCascade Radian




glass infinity-circle---blue

Blue Infinity Circle


Infinity Circles (2012) A series of 6 variously colored infinity circles were designed and constructed for a public hospital in Oregon. Each infinity circle is 31 inches high and 13 inches wide. The gap where the “S” shaped members cross is about 2 inches. Each Infinity Circle mounts on the wall with a stand-off and can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.



Yellow/Green Infinity Circle

Yellow/Green Infinity Circle

Coral Infinity Circle

Coral Infinity Circle

Infinity Circle - Crossing Detail

Infinity Circle – Crossing Detail

Infinity Circle - center detail

Infinity Circle – center detai

Cubist Dragon Triptych in glass

Cubist Dragon Triptych



Cubist Dragon Triptych (2013). This triptych was made on commission for a collector who favors the cubist style Each piece is 18 x 40 inches measured from the back frame to black frame. The frames are also glass and by fusion are an part of each piece. The triptych was designed to run along the wall of a stairway off the entry of a post-modern home in eastern Pennsylvania.







Cubist Dragon - Left Panel ("Junior")

Cubist Dragon – Left Panel (“Junior”)

Cubist Dragon - Right Section ("Dragon Bait")

Cubist Dragon – Right Section (“Dragon Bait”)

Cubist Dragon - Right Panel ("Dragon Bait")

Cubist Dragon – Right Panel (“Dragon Bait”)

10 fott Fused Glass Arch over kitchen area of mexican restaurant

Fused arch between Food Prep Area and Dinning Room of Restaurant

Arch (2008). This back-lit glass arch was commissioned by the owner of a Mexican restaurant to divide the final food preparation and set up area from the dining room. It provides both an artistic interest and ambient light for the dining area. The arch is 10.5 feet long and 54 inches high. It was made fused in 8 sections with the seams hidden. The red swirl at the upper left is the logo of the restaurant.

Fused Glass Arch

Fused Glass Arch






life size 3-dinmensional fused glass agave cactus

Life-Size 3-Dimensional Agave

3-D Agave (2008). This life-size 3-dimensional agave (the cactus from which Tequila is made) was commissioned t sit in a recess constructed for the purpose over the Tequila Bar at a restaurant.  It measures 36 inches high, 36 inches wide, and 18 inches deep, and is lit with small spot lights mounted in the ceiling.






dragon head paianted onto glass with dichroic extract

Dichroic Painted Benevolent Dragon Head



CBS Dragon Head (2013). This dragon head is approximately 28 inches long. It was made using Dichroic Extract, a new product from Coatings by Sandberg (“CBS”) which can be applied to glass somewhat like paint without regard to COE. This work can be seen at the headquarters of CBS in Orange, CA, and at the CBS both at trade shows.





Custom scavo style chandelier bowl fused to match decor in Tuscan Villa style residence.

Custom scavo bowl fused to match decor in Tuscan Villa style residence.




Tuscany Style Ceiling Fixture (2008).  This 16 inch custom scavo bowl was designed and built by Kate for the master bath of a Tuscan Villa style home in Eastern Oregon.


Custom scavo bowl fused for Tuscan Villa style residence.

Custom fused scavo Bowl to match decor of residence.







Public commissioned art Window for a commercial establishment. Incorporates fused pieces into traditional stained glass.

Fused glass assembled with stained glass methodology



Environ-Donna (2013). This is a sister panel to an original commissioned for a residence at Carmel, CA. Environ-donna melds sky, earth, air, and sea. This piece is double paned throughout. It was commissioned for the Northwest Art Glass building in Redmond, WA, The piece is composed of fused glass elements assembled with traditional stained glass methods. It is approximately 42 x 56 inches.







Stained glass panel with Northwest Mountain scene. Commissioned art

Traditional Stained Glass Panel in Residence




Unnamed (2007). An un-named traditional stained glass panel with typical Northwest scene designed and built for a residence in an upscale neighborhood of Bend, OR. The panel conceals spa equipment and a heat pump immediately outside the window.








commissioned art 10 foot high curved glass shower enclosure with Cascade peak motif

Shower Enclosure with Cascade peaks motif.



Shower Enclosure (2008).  This shower enclosure was designed by Kate for a private residence at Aspen Lakes Resort, Oregon.  The 10 foot high enclosure is composed of 3 bent glass panels each of which was kiln carved and sand sculpted in the shape of the “Three Sisters” and “Broken Top” —  peaks in the nearby Cascade mountains which are visible from the residence.


10 foot high curved glass shower enclosure with Cascade peak motif






Comissioned art Kiln carved glass entry door with carved wooden geese

Interior View of Entry


Geese Landing (2009, Interior view). This is the covered entry to a private residence. The glass and water effects were designed and assembled by Kate who also attached the carved wooden geese produced by cooperating artist, Skip Armstrong.


exterior view of kiln carved glass entry with carved wooden geese

Exterior View








Commissioned art Glass Wave Panel Room Divider

Wave Panel Room Divider


Wave Panel Room Divider (2008). The wave panel room divider was designed by Kate to provide a visual block between the living area of a condo and the front entrance opening onto a public hallway. The colors were selected by he homeowner to complement her own pastel watercolor paintings which are on the opposite wall.


Wave Panel Room Divider

Wave Panel Room Divider







Commissioned art Fused Glass Wave Panel for a Seattle Residence

Fused Glass Wave Panel


Room Divider – Wave Panel (2009). This panel was designed and constructed by Kate to provide a measure of visual separation between the living room and the dining room of a residence in Seattle.


Details of fused glass wave panel for Seattle residence

Detail of Fused Glass Wave Panel as Room Divider