Each glass snowboard is hand formed in the kiln. Each is 54 inches long and 10 3/4 inches wide and features a realistic camber and tip curves. The snowboards are wall mounted on a single stand-off sturdy enough for twice the weight. These snowboards bring a new dimension to kiln formed glass. The individual “stomp pad” on the snowboard bears the stylized signature of the artist by cut out in the glass. Custom colors and custom designs are available.

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glass snowboard-cranberry on black

Cranberry on Black Glass Snowboard



Snowboard – Black on Cranberry



glass snowboard - black on purple

Glass Snowboard – Black on Purple


Snowboard – Black on Purple


Stomp Pad for glass snowboard

Glass Snowboard – Stomp Pad

Glass Snowboard detail photo
Detail of design in center of snowboard

Detail of design in center of snowboard