Glass Mosaics

Glass Mosaics

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To BEcome One - a mosaic using clear glass as a substrate

To Become One



To Become One. This glass mosaic was designed by Kate and built by mosaic artist, Rita Dunlavy. The mosaic portion is approximately 24 x 36 inches. To Become One is framed in a custom steel frame built for a back light. Unlike a typical mosaic, the substrate is clear glass allowing the piece to transmit light as well as reflect light. It is now in the office of a private collector in Wayne, PA.





chair with glass mosaic in music theme



Mosaic Chair. This music theme glass mosaic chair was designed and built by Kate for the 2007 “chair-it-able” auction conducted by the Central Oregon Habitat for Humanity. It incorporates hundreds of individual kiln formed pieces attached mosaic style to a wooden chair in a music theme array.