Original Glass Art

 Original Glass Art (or “one-off” work) by Kate MacLeod.

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Glass round with dichroic gecko, an original work by Kate MacLeod

Dichroic Gecko

Dichroic Gecko. This original glass art Gecko is a round flat plate 19 inches in diameter. It sits in a custom steel frame designed and built by Carson Janssen of La Pine, OR, and has an overall (in frame) dimensions of 22 x 22 inches.

First Place Winner. This piece was awarded first place by the jury in the 2013 International Dichroic by Design Competition conducted by CBS.

The piece is currently in the inventory of a private collector in Austin, TX. (2013)

Glass cat eyes

Cat Eyes – Transmitted light (back lit)

Cat’s Eyes. This 30” x 16” original glass art panel uses dichroic-coated glass that transmits various color dependent on the light source, transmitted or reflected. Kate incorporates dichroic glass, but does not rely on it as a sole source of color. By varying the added glass color, she brings forth greater than life vibrancy to the irises, enchanting the viewer to further enjoyment. This piece is on display at Ed Hoy’s International, Warrenville, IL.

Glass Cat Eyes - Reflected Light

Glass Cat Eyes – Reflected Light

Dichroic glass painting of bird in flight

Bird In Flight. Hand Painted with Dichroic Extract.

Bird in Flight. This 8” x 12” black original glass panel is creatively painted with CBS Dichroic Extract.  The glimmer, sparkle, and life of the art is aroused by teasing the near microscopic particles of dichroic extract to their precise position, such as a master painter would accomplish with multiple layers. Planned for production in the near future, a wildlife series will soon appear in your favorite galleries. This piece is on display in the Museum of Dichroic Art [MODA] in Orange, CA.

Fish in river bottom. Original cast glass work by Kate MacLeod

Fish in River Bottom

River Bottom Casting. This cast glass piece depicts a fish in a natural river bottom environment. The surprise is that the fish is actually mere negative space and is illusory.  The piece is 10 x 10 x 2 inches and is in a private collection at Seattle, WA.

Triple Layer Dragon Cake - a triple layer fused piece

Triple Layer Dragon Cake

Triple Layer Dragon Cake. Triple Layer Dragon Cake is approximately 25 inches in diameter. It is composed of three distinct layers, each nested within a larger piece. The largest section is wall mounted with the smaller section being mounted on top so that the light plays through the layers. The piece project approximately 9 inches from the wall. It is entirely fused glass, with coloring and shading through the use of glass powder. It is currently in Kate’s inventory.

sky dragon an original fused glass art piece

Sky Dragon

Sky Dragon. Sky Dragon is a six piece ensemble which spans 3.5 feet high and 5 feet wide. This enticing piece utilizes dichroic glass which has been modified from its original version thus toning down the “bling” so often lethal to glass art. It is in a private collection in metropolitan Seattle, WA.

Sky Dragon Eye Detail

Sky Dragon Eye Detail

Flying at once northeast and southwest, this formidable creature flashes its magnificence at every angle. The center dual-head is nested into the body of its circular heaven. Fields of undulating glass pick up the dichroic flash beneath and send light in all directions, creating a dance as one moves about the viewing area.

Sky Dragon Head Detail

Sky Dragon Head Detail

To BEcome One - a mosaic using clear glass as a substrate

To Become One

To Become One. This glass mosaic was designed by Kate and built by mosaic artist, Rita Dunlavy. It is framed in a custom steel frame built for a back light. Unlike a typical mosaic, the substrate is clear glass allowing the piece to transmit light as well as reflect light. It is now in the home a private collector in Philadelphia, PA.

Fused glass bird landing

Bird – Landing


This 36” wingspan bird angles off the wall at 45o as it would in a descending flight. Colorfully boasting it’s glass beauty, it creates the illusion of airlessness, no strings attached. The center body and head of the bird creates even more dimension as it nests against the wings. Best displayed at the top of a high wall (see slider), this beauty, or any adaptation thereof, given other species, is available by special order.

Gecko - painted with Dichroic Extract

Painted Gecko

Gecko.  This happy little Gecko was painted on glass using CBS Dichroic Extract.

Amonite painted onto glass with dichroic extract

Ammonite painted onto glass with dichroic extract

Ammonite. This Ammonite was painted on glass using CBS Dichroic Extract.

cast glass mask with ermine adornment

Natasha – Cast Glass Mask

Natasha. Natasha was patterned on a dancer. Kate has created a series of masks with multimedia adornment. She welcomes the opportunity to make special masks with themes or colors of the client’s selection. Each is an original and one-of-a-kind; each was inspired by a character from Kate’s life. All are mounted on custom made steel frames. The additional media adorning Natasha is ermine, glass beads, and semi-precious stones. Natasha is in a private collection in Eugene, OR.

Queen of Arts, a cast glass mask

Queen of Arts

Queen of Arts. Queen of Arts depicts the aqua goddess, Kate’s imaginative creation who carries a whale fluke as a crown and a sea of webbed amethyst and fresh water pearls as an Elizabethan ruff.

a cast glass mask in multimedia in a custom steel frame

Lil Brother

Lil Brother. Lil Brother combines humor into cast glass and multimedia. Here Kate depicts everyone’s annoying little brother. The additional media on this piece include ermine and glass beads. The piece sits in a custom steel frame. This piece is currently in the inventory of the artist.

a glass cast mask with multimedia adornment and a custom steel frame

Mid-Life Crisis

Mid-Life Crisis. Mid-Life Crisis is a whimsical portrait of Kate’s alter ego. The additional media include ermine and glass beads. The piece sits in a custom steel frame. This piece is currently in the inventory of the artist.

Chair designed and built for 2007 Habitat for Humanity Auction

2007 Habitat for Humanity Auction Chair

Habitat for Humanity Auction Fused Glass Chair (2008). This chair was designed and built by Kate MacLeod for the Central Oregon Habitat for Humanity 2008 “Chair-it-able” auction. The steel base was built and donated by Sun Forest Construction and the powder coating was donated by Commercial Powder Coating, both of Bend, OR.

Details of the chair made for the 2007 Habitat for Humanity Auction

Details of the chair made for the 2007 Habitat for Humanity Auction

chair with glass mosaic in music theme

Glass Mosaic Chair with Music Theme

Habitat for Humanity Auction Glass Mosaic Chair. This music theme glass-mosaic chair was designed, built, and donated by Kate to the Central Oregon Habitat for Humanity’s 2007 “chair-it-able” auction. The piece incorporates hundreds of individual kiln formed pieces attached mosaic style to a wooden chair in a music theme array.