Stained Glass

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4 by 14 foot stained glass mural of the Cascades in Tiffany style

Cascade Radiance – a 4 x 14 foot stained glass mural in the Tiffany style.


Cascade Radiance. Cascade Radiance is a 54 sq. ft. back lit stained glass mural over the entrance to the historic Sather Building in downtown Bend, OR. Kate designed and constructed Cascade Radiance in the traditional Tiffany style, exclusively from reproduction Tiffany glass made by Uroboros in Portland, OR. As an historic building the architecture is b est served by a period p;iece, and no period in the history of stained glass is surpassed by he early 20th Century and the inspiration of Louis Comfort Tiffany. The 14 foot long installation is in six panels depicting the beautiful Northwest landscape, inspired by the beauty of the Cascades, Oregon’s wildflowers, forests and water, not to be overshadowed by the fascinating palette of sky. A total of 2,363 hand cut, foiled and soldered pieces work together to create a fascinating effect. The piece was made in 2009 by Kate under commission from the building’s owners.





Cascade Radiance, Panel A

Cascade Radiance, Panel A (far left)

Cascade Radiance, Panel A (far left).Cascade Radiance, Panel BCascade Radiance, Panel B (2nd from left). 







Cascace Radiance, Panel Cascade Radiance, Panel C (center left).











Cascade Radiance, Panel DCascade Radiance, Panel D, (center right)










Cascade Radiance, Panel ECascade Radiance, Panel E (2nd from right)










Cascade Radiance, Panel FCascade Radiance, Panel F (far right)










Cascade Radiance
Cascade Radiance

Stained glass panel with Northwest Mountain scene.

Traditional Stained Glass Panel in Residence




Unnamed. An un-named traditional stained glass panel with typical Northwest scene designed and built for a residence in an upscale neighborhood of Bend, OR. The panel conceals spa equipment and  a heat pump immediately outside the window.







Window for a commercial establishment. Incorporates fused pieces into traditional stained glass.

Fused glass assembled with stained glass methodology



Environ-Donna. This is a sister panel to an original commissioned for a residence at Carmel, CA. Environ-donna melds sky, earth, air, and sea. This piece is double paned throughout. It was commissioned for the Northwest Art Glass building in Redmond, WA, The piece is composed of fused glass elements assembled with traditional stained glass methods. It is approximately 42 x 56 inches.